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Foreign relations

The Foreign Relations Committee:

The focus of activity here in the strengthening of relations between the association and the associations of friends of the library in abroad to support the library, through the creation of channels of communication between the association and the association Almmat him via e-mail or via the Internet or via regular mail or through a direct meeting and receiving visitors from Friends Library when they visit her and find out their specialties and to invite members of the Assembly's Almmat specialists to meet them, introduce them with the association and the library and in Alexandria and Egypt.

Iinternational Friends

Foreign Relations committee (2012/2014)

1.     Mr. Elamir Mohamed Mohsen Mohamed                                Chairman

2.     Mrs. Heba Refaat Abdel Rahman el Hatab                         Board Member

3.     Mr. Ahmed Selim Mohamed Elmosalmany                                member

4.     Miss. Saher Mohamed Saleh Gamal                                          member     

5.     Miss. Haidy Ibrahim Elsayed Ahmed                                         member

6.     Mrs. Safenaz Abd El hamid Mohamed                                      member

7.     Mr. Mohmoud Sgaraf Mohamed Mohamed Abd Elgelil           member

8.     Dr.Eng. Mohamed Sulman El Alawy                                         member

9.     Eng. Mohamed Moenes Abdel Raoaf                                        member

10. Dr. Magada Mahmoud Omar Suliman                                     member

11. Mr. Ibrahim Abdel Ghany Ismail El Kabany                            member

12. Miss. Somaya El Sayed Ibrahim El Kady                                 member

13. Miss. Yara Mohamed Moubark El sayad Farag                      member

14. Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Aly Ibrahim Moubark                          member

15. Eng. Fahd Adel Mekky Mohamed                                            member

16. Mrs. Tarek Aly Shalaby El Ghaly Kassem                               member


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